Cool cartilage earrings

Why do so many women and men love cool cartilage earrings and what are they? Are they the same as the ordinary ones, why are they so very popular and where can you get them? In order to answer you to these questions, you must first understand the history of ear piercing, which reaches into an early history, when in ancient Persia soldiers wear one earring. As you can see, this tradition of wearing ear accessories, such as cool cartilage earrings are, is very old and you will also find some evidences of that in the Bible, in Exodus. A symbolism of a pierced ear was very strong also in times when sailors used to have pierced ears and this meant that they had sailed around the globe or in some cases even reached the equator. Some other evidences of this tradition were also found in ancient Greece, while Ainu women and men used to wear this accessory, too.

cartilage earrings

You can imagine that not all governments allowed their people to wear such accessories and you can clearly see what a strong symbolism can some accessories which are popular even nowadays, can have. Cool cartilage earrings, as we know it now, reach back in the hippie’s time, when most of those piercings were done at home. Some women and men even used to wear multiple ones in just one or both ears and it was not strange to see a hippie wearing ten, if not more of them in their earlobes. Cool cartilage earrings appeared in the 1970s and the USA were the first countries where you could see this mainstream trend.

Not just symmetric, but also asymmetric styles of piercing one’s ear became popular and nowadays you can see variety of really cool cartilage earrings at the jewelry shop. There are many cartilage piercings available to women and men, some of them include daith, conch, rook, tragus, orbital, helix, industrial, and some other types of cartilage piercings. These are made of different metals, such as from gold, white gold and silver and they can contain many gemstones, gravures, silver or metal chains and they come in variety of shapes.

Really cool cartilage earrings are a so called cuff and helix, also stud ones and plenty of others. What is really important when deciding for such accessory is to know what occasion are you going to wear them for and what shape of earlobe you have, in order to choose really the best one which will fit you.