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Waste treatment is a part of the comprehensive field of environmental management, which is of essential importance to the quality of life of each individual and to the society as a whole. Responsible waste management affects all the spheres of people’s lives - private, economic and social.

The system of responsible waste management, promoted by both the European Union and Slovenia, is encouraging responsible consumption and waste separation at source. In this way, waste treatment is a vital part of every individual's quality of life.

In Slovenia, the legislation regulating the field of waste management has been completely harmonised with the European regulations. In doing so, we have adopted very strict criteria and conditions for waste management.

The old municipal waste landfills in the region do not satisfy the requirements of the EC Directive on Waste Disposal and the limited space of these landfills does not allow further disposal of waste. The construction of the Celje Regional Waste Treatment Centre will allow the Savinja Region to be among those satisfying these requirements.


The Celje Regional Waste Treatment Centre is a joint project of 24 municipalities of the Savinja region.

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This project is partially financed by the European Union

This project is partially financed by the Republic of Slovenia
This project contributes to the reduction of economic and social disparities between the citizens of the European Union
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