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Mark Webber and Ann Neal relationship update

It could be that the destiny of all the best racers is the same- people want to know all there is about their career and life! There’s one who’s really intrigued everybody with his girlfriend, and no doubt that we’re hinting at Mark Webber and Ann Neal, so let us see what is there so special about them!

Mark Webber

Love without limits

People say that when you truly love a person there are no limits, and quite a perfect example of that are Mark Webber and Ann Neal. What makes this couple really interesting is that Ann is 13 years older than Mark. And check this out, they have been dating for 18 years! That really looks like they are meant to be. However, it may inspire people to gossip, and speculate many things, but as long as two of them are happy, nobody should have any problem with their love. As far as we know, Mark Webber and Ann Neal still haven’t got plans to get married or have children.